Sweet Torture

March 15, 2014 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

Well I’m finally settled in my temporary housing in Cincinnati, Ohio. The apartment is awesome. It’s a complex snuggled between the Red’s and the Bengal’s stadiums in the heart of downtown. There’s a plethora of retail establishments within walking distance. The weekend nights turn out loads of people enjoying the venues. We’ve had several days of nice weather since I arrived last week. These days afford me the opportunity to open the windows and patio doors to let fresh air in.

Oh but the Sweet Torture of it. Around 5pm the scrumptious aroma of Ruth’s Chris steak house gently glides in my windows. If you’ve never eaten at a Ruth’s Chris restaurant, I highly recommend you treat yourself on your very next special occasion. I’m a frugal foodie and get heartburn spending top dollar on a prime steak that I can prepare just as good on my charcoal grill. But, there’s something special about the Ruth Chris experience. I’ve been afforded several opportunities to indulge. Not only are the steaks mouth-watering and extra tender, but the shrimp cocktails are like eating shrimp steaks; so thick and firm while flavorful. Ruth Chris

So since I can’t indulge myself on the company dime, I settled for a ribeye from another eatery around the corner. The meat was decent. The leftovers were better. I sliced them up, pan sautéed them in a small pad of butter and Kroger Brand Grill Time seasoning. I use this seasoning on more than just beef. I’ve grilled onions, garlic, shrimp and olive oil with it. Zucchini and onions grilled with it is delicious too. And don’t limit yourself to the grill; stove top cooking in the dead of winter gets a spectacular boost with Grill Time! Spring is just around the corner, I’m sure this 3.4oz jar I bought for my temporary living apartment won’t last long.

Grill Time


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