Alone; Time to Indulge Me

February 8, 2014 at 11:47 pm Leave a comment

It’s not often I get an entire Saturday to myself. Well the stars aligned this weekend. Husband took a group of boys to Orlando, FL to the Nike SPARQ Combine and Daughter went to Atlanta for a Volleyball Tournament. I stayed behind to start getting myself ready for the big move up North.

The morning started with deep cleaning the kitchen, three loads of laundry (folded while watching the movie Hitch), an afternoon trip to the mall to get my hair cut (and scoop a few “me” purchases), and then an evening of culling my closet.

In between all that activity a girl’s gotta eat. So I dug out a bag of shrimp from the freezer, chopped up some cilantro and fresh onion, and added them to Campbell’s Thai Tomato Coconut Soup. A bit of fresh lime squeezed on top at serving made for a delicious afternoon treat.

Thai Tomato SoupMy family loves my food, but they don’t like to adventure too far out of familiar flavors. They’ll eat it, but don’t LOVE it like I do. Thai flavors are some of my favorites. I love having a shortcut with the prepared bisque Campbell’s offered. I whipped this treat up in less than 30 minutes (most time spent was defrosting/peeling shrimp and chopping veggies). If I would have made the soup from scratch I would have invested at least a hour an a half. Nothing wrong with short cuts if the end product is delightful.

Dinner was not so adventurous. but noteworthy if you’re a wing fan. Kentucky fried chicken has fried hot wings on their menu. Order them and ask for them to be dunked in their honey BBQ sauce. A side of potato wedges will round out the spicy treat. 

Overall great day. Hubby made it home safe and sound; with a speeding ticket in hand. Gotta love it! Daughter will be home tomorrow. What will I prepare for Sunday dinner?


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