Summer Goodness in December

December 22, 2012 at 11:30 pm Leave a comment

My baby boy had six wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. He’s graduated from strictly ice-cream and mashed potatoes to soft fish. So off to the store to see what the fish monger had fresh. Tilapia on sale; $5.99/lb never frozen.

I swung by produce picked up a mango, two limes, three Serrano peppers, and a bunch of cilantro. At home, I mixed all the diced fresh produce with the squeezed lime juice and a can of Kroger pineapple tidbits with half the juice in the can.

For the tilapia a simple seasoning of garlic powder, Cajun seasoning, and a premixed seasoning by Urban Accents called Fisherman’s Wharf which contains salt, black pepper, parsley, garlic, white onion, lemon peel, green peppercorns, and green onion. Threw the fillets on a sprayed broiling pan and broiled on high (top shelf) until nicely browned and tender.

The tender white fish is served topped with the mango pineapple salsa. Of course since baby boy needs soft sides, I made homemade Yukon gold mashed potatoes with the skins on. Boiled in onion, drained and whipped on high speed with a stick of butter and sautéed minced garlic. He loaded his potatoes with sour cream and finely shredded cheese. Dinner was a hit.

Who says you can’t have summer freshness when it’s cold out?



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